Putty & alt-Tab

Do any of you use Putty for SSH? Is there a way to set some kind of preference or download some kind of patch that will allow you to alt-Tab AWAY from it when it’s the active window? That’s one of the things I find really annoying about Putty: I have to use my mouse to toggle between apps. When I try to alt-Tab when Putty is active, it won’t work. It just displays in the window: [ Unknown Command ]

Also, is there a way to change screen colors in Putty?


I’m using PuTTY 0.52 on WinXP and have no problem with alt+tab.

As for colors and other settings - when you start it up and you have the “PuTTY Configuration dialog”, you should see a panel on the left for changing various settings. Make the changes necessary then click on the “Session” category and for Saved Sessions type in a session name and click “Save”. If you intendto modify a session, don’t forget to “Load” it first before making changes.

ah ha! thanks for the tip on the colors - the whole load/save thing is funky. i got colors working now.

i’m using putty 0.53 on win2k and still no luck alt-Tabbing.

thanks again!


Look under the “Window…Behavior” section of your session configuration – is Ensure window is always on top checked? That’s the only thing I can find that might be close…

I’ve never had problems switching between windows when using PuTTY either; several co-workers use PuTTY pretty frequently and I’m pretty sure it works for them as well.

thanks for the input…i made sure the window behaviours were checked…still no luck.

very strange that it won’t work for me.