Putting maildir into Dremhost mailbox


I have my users’ old mails from old server in Maildirs on my computer. I’ve created new email accounts in dreamhost panel for my users. How can I copy their old mails from Maildirs to thier new accounts on DH? I would be simple if i had shell access to DH’s maildirs, but there isn’t such. I have no access via IMAP to old server, so I can’t use imapsync. Is there any utlilty to send mails from Maildir via IMAP? Or the only way is to set up local IMAP server on my computer and use imapsync?

Thanks for ANY help,

You could do the following …

  1. convert the Maildir folders to mbox files, see this Python script: http://yergler.net/Maildir_to_Mbox
  2. import those mbox files into Thunderbird
  3. add the mail accounts on DH as IMAP accounts
  4. copy the contents of the importet folders to the folders on you DH IMAP accounts


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Thans for your reply. I used my old DH shell user account with email set up last year. It gave me access to its Maildir, so I can load old Mailboxes and use imapsync.

Problem solved.