Push (PDA) Email

I read on the wikipedia that you change the IMAP-IDLE time and IMAP email will sort of “push” email like REAL push email does… I cannot find where to change this setting, as I have never done this before… is it a client side or server side option

It’s not something you have to change. The IDLE command works on dreamhost imap servers, though they do not advertise or support it I don’t think.

The way it works is your PDA’s email client will send the IDLE command and keep its connection open to the mail server. If the mail server notices anything change in the mailbox (ie new mail delivered) while IDLEing it sends the details directly to the client. The client is also supposed to check in occasionally with the server to continue the IDLEing – sort of “I’m still here, you’re still there, ok let’s keep idling…”

As you say it is not “true” push where the server initiates a connection from scratch, but it is very close and works great for me - I have my Treo set up with a mailbox at DH and it’s pretty close to instantaneous between delivery to mailbox and delivery to phone.

Edit: sorry, I didn’t totally answer your question re where to change the settings. I believe it should be totally transparent if the client and server both support IDLE. I haven’t ever seen a preference or switch for it in an email client, and there definitely isn’t one for the server side.

Which Treo are you using?

I am using the 700P and mine is only checking every 20 mins, and i cant figure out how to change it

It’s a 650. The trick is that I purchased and use ChatterEmail as my email client instead of the built-in mail software. Chatter supports the IDLE feature but I don’t think the built-in VersaMail is capable of it. I think there may be other 3rd-party email clients for the treo that offer IDLE support if Chatter (http://www.chatteremail.com) doesn’t fit your needs.