Purchasing SSL certificate

I am in the process of buying a SSL cert for our Zen Cart installation. When purchasing the cert, it asks what URL should be inserted into the name. Examples were www.mydomain.com and secure.mydomain.com

What should I put in? I think that when you add SSH to Dreamhost, it creates a https://secure.mydomain.com domain, but I would prefer https://www.mydomain.com, if that is possible.


Don’t forget that you need a STATIC IP before the SSL cert will do you any good.


I was just afraid you were buying a cert somewhere else and thinking that you could install it yourself. (maybe I didn’t read carefully enough but someone would come along and totally misunderstand.)


We are buying a CERT from somewhere else, but I do see a place on the add https hosting to add the static IP address.

I assume that I need to buy the CERT first, and then add the https hosting after I get the SSL CERT? I will request to get one for the domain www.mydomain.com

That sounds like the right way to do it to me. Have you looked around here for info on the wiki? http://wiki.dreamhost.com Just to be safe.