Purchased Unique IP address, now what?

Hello, I would like to have my domain name with a unique IP of it’s own so I purchased the Unique IP address for that domain name from Dreamhost Control Panel. I am not trying to do something fancy, just want a different IP address for my sites, that’s all.

Now it has been showing pending for the past few days and I was just thinking if I need to do anything before it starts propagating into the new IP on it’s own.

Also will Dreamhost move my files over to the new IP?

PS. My exisitng site is hosted with Dreamhost

Hope someone will help me here, Thanks!

I’m unsure about the “Pending” status - could be they wait for clarification of payment, or the job may be in queue waiting on a tech to link your unique IP to the existing domain. Support shouldn’t need to move your files anywhere, they’ll just link the IP to your present location. The world gets your website IP address from the nameservers (like directory assistance), so if you’re using DreamHost then the unique IP will be used as soon as it is applied to your domain.

Think of it like changing a phone number. Your house hasn’t moved - and you’re still living in it.
The only difference is that directory assistance will give people a new number.

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