Purchase problems


Few hours ago I made purchase attracted by one of your promotions.Since then problems started to occur - first I opened ticket and waited for response without any success, then sent you email - again without response. And Im concern because you charged me for something which wasnt mentioned at all, it was supposed that Ill have 2 weeks free trial but something is definitely not ok. How I can receive proper support ?

Thank you

if you opened a ticket via the panel, sit tight they will get to it, they are a little slower on weekends.

I know that they will answer but question is when… after 2 days? This is not normal hosting support, I understand that all people try to earn money and cut down the expenses from all possible structures but come on, support is one of main differences between good/bad companies.

The standard for the price your paying is 24 hours. Granted some tickets you send will get answered faster than others. Depends on the issue AND what priority you set on the ticket. It also depends in some cases (and this one you have now is one of those) were a certain dept (billing in this case) has to handle it.

Hi rslid,

I apologize if we’ve caused any confusion! We try to answer all of our support emails within our 24-hour guarantee, as LakeRat mentioned, and we are a little slower on weekends when we don’t have as many people working. I can see that the LifeHacker100 promo code was correctly applied to your account, but the $9.95 charge was because you registered a domain. LakeRat actually explains this quite clearly in this thread :

If you have any additional questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask! :slight_smile:

If that’s what the issue is, there is a little more info in this thread: https://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-137062.html and this wiki page: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Free_Trial_%26_Registration_fee

When and if you move from free trial to paid account, you will get credit for the domain you purchased today. If you elect not to continue with dreamhost after the free trial is over, that domain sitll belongs to you for a year, and you can use it with another companies hosting by changing the nameservers.

That’s the wiki I linked him, LakeRat! Thanks for the always helpful assists :slight_smile: