Publishing new site to existing domain


I’ve reworked my site, and want to publish it today. However, there is my existing site on the same domain. Do I have to remove the existing site in order to publish the new one, or will the new one be overwritten?

Also, since it is a new site, do I just use all the same google analytics that I had in the old one?

Many thanks for your help.


if you completely redid your site on your own local copy and there isn’t anything from the old site’s content you want to keep you can delete everything from the web server and upload your new files. you also have the option of just making a folder on your computer and downloading the old site files to it just in case you need something from the old copy later :slight_smile:

and yes if you use analytics you can (and should) use your same information.


Thanks for this. However, I have no idea where the files are that I’m supposed to delete. (I just do the super easy FTP from Rapidweaver, so don’t know all this back end DH stuff.)

If you could walk me through the steps, I’m sure I can take it from there. Yes, it seems really easy, but I need to figure out where to look!)

Thanks again!

hmm well i don’t know anything about that program but i assume it shows you a window of your local hard drive with your files right (or it can?) and then there is the remote window for your hosting account? you have to be in the (whatever your url is) folder and it will have all of the current site files in it (including one that should be index.htm, index.html, index.php or something of that nature). You could always just upload whatever you have. any files you had on the web server with the same name would be overwritten usually (depends on how you have your program set up but that’s the usual action).

Thanks, again. I just ended up publishing right over the old site, and it worked!

Now, loads and loads of tinkering!