Publishing Joomla site installed in sub folder

I have set up my domain name in DreamHost. I plan on using Joomla to create the website so I used the one-click installs to install joomla under


This is working but when I want eventually pubish the website I want to have the content under the domain name i.e.

rather than using the joomla sub-folder

What do I have to do to transfer the content from the \joomla sub folder to the \domain-name folder.

just move it there or use .htaccess to rewrite the urls.

When you say “just move it there”, do you mean that I can just use FTP to copy the whole joomla sub folder up a level in to my domain folder?

If so is there anything else I need to do, like edit configuration files to make sure everything still hangs together.

Are there any files or folders that I don’t need to move?

4th answer in google:

I simply cannot understand why people would put something in a sub-folder first and work on it and then want to move it to the main directory later. Why not just install it to the main directory in the first place?

i think the preferred way is just leave it in a subdir and rewrite the URLs. well, that’s what i prefer anyway… lately i’ve been putting my applications outside of the webdir and just have one index file which directs apache to the application.

anyway, i think the thinking that people have is that, as in the good old days, URL represented physical location, so if they want a clean URL without a subdir, then it must actually be there… but very few web apps actually work that way now

The installer wouldn’t let me install in the root folder as it wasn’t empty and as I didnt want to delete anything out of the root folder in case it was needed I just installed it in a sub folder.

Thanks bobocat thats clear enough even for me to follow.

Actually, you probably want the reverse of those instructions. I read your request and the search results too quickly…

The general point is that you don’t need to physically move your files in order to change your URL. Use .htaccess

I followed the article and moved the files into the root folder, changed the configuration.php to remove the subfolder references, cleaned the cach and the site is now published.

My problem now is that if I log to the mysite/administrator and make a change e.g. unpubllish an article this change is reflected in the mysite/joomla/administrator as well and vice-versa.

Not sure if that is supposed to be happening.

I looked at the htaccess but it doesn’t contain any folder paths. So I didn’t make any changes in that file in either folder.

I followed this article to the letter and made all the changes recomended in it.

I think I know what is happening…the configuration.php has the connection info for the mysql database that joomla is using…so it does’nt matter where I copy the development subfolder to it always points to the same database as the live site…so that makes sense as to why admin in both folders where using the same information.

If I create a new db and point my development subfolder at that it fails.

So now my problem is how can I have a development site and a live site ?

I found a Joomla backup and restore utility

This is a joomla plugin and it automates the process and I now have separate locations for the live site and the development site.