Publishing from FP

I published my website using frontpage and everything looks great. The only problem is you dont recommend FP extensions, so my form will not work. I dont know HTML, how can I create a form so it can work with my site? Can someone help me please?

Thanks in advance.

Yep I am doing the same, using frontpage with out the extentions. Forms will work you just need server side programing. I recommend php, it is already installed in the server. Your programming files are text files ending with php extension.
You will find a lot of books on php programming on amazon. It is also possible to use perl and maybe python. Both of those are already installed and books can also be found on amazon.
Good luck

Thanks for the info, but I am so way behind on php it is crazy. I just want to get the form up and running.


I just did a google search, see if some of these links are helpful.

PHP form generator
Website contact form generator
Instant mail form generator

That’s just the first few from a google search for “form generator”. The first is a program from sourceforge you can install on your computer, and the others are web-site tools. Just make sure that you post is going to the dreamhost form mail script, and not someone else’s server. Check out for some slightly technical help on the DH end of things.

If this isn’t working for you, I’m sure someone like me or others on the forum would be willing to trade money or goods for making your form for you.