Publishinf large files


Ok, so for the last 3 days I’ve had several issues after I added a new domain for the first time to my account. I think I pretty much figured everything out and it’s back to normal except one thing: I can’t upload large files to my FTP. I re-uploaded my two sites, which included some short mp3 and some large wav files. The short mp3 get uploaded just fine but the large wav files seem to freeze the whole thing. I go to the FTP from the browser while it uploads and I see the file uploading (the size gets bigger everytime I refresh the page) then, when it’s about to be complete it starts from 0 again….it’s almost like it’s looping.

Tech support says my account is fine but I still can’t upload those files…. Any idea what’s wrong?


How big is the file and what are you using for FTP? The maximum file size through WebFTP is 7MB. To upload larger files you have to use a “regular” FTP client or my favorite, SFTP.

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that explains it… the files are about 20 MB… but I used to be able to upload them on my old domain with Front Page extensions enabled… so how do I go about a “regular” FTP client? That’s new to me.

This DH wiki article on FTP should get you started. :wink:


Thanks a lot! I still don’t understand why I never had that problem when I published my site with the FrontPage option… oh well, I’ll give FTP a try and I’ll back here if it doesn’t work! lol!

Well, “publishing” via Frontpage actually uses either FTP or webdav to do is magic, and that is entirely different than using a PHP script (DH’s net2ftp application) to manipulate files - the filesize limitation is a function of DH installation of PHP, and is not an issue with FTP.