Publish settings for NVU

I’ve been trying to follow the above directions for setting NVU to publish a pages on my site, but it always fails. “Unknown publishing error” any suggestions?

since no one else is posting here, I’ll put out a wild guess. Are you behind a firewall or something? Possibly that is your problem.


No, I dont have a firewall setup. I use comcast broadband as my provider.
hmm, may be i can send you a screen shot of my publish settings?

here, try this. The idea behind my method (or madness) is to see if the problem lies with the program settings or with access issues. This should verify that.


Hi Mattail,
I was able to ftp through the cmd window. But when i “publish” through the NVU. The editor tries to upload and says that the page subdirectory is my “userid/” I dont know why its doing this.
Publishing pop-up says that “publishing completed” but it couldnt find “

I can’t figure why my userid is part of the directory structure.


ok, I did some testing with Nvu, and I believe I may have fingured out the issue.

Nvu can’t create subdirectories. It can only publishing to existing directories. When you try and publish the page you have created to a directory that doesn’t exists, such as Nvu returns with an “Unknown Publishing error”.

It also seems that if you “Edit Sites” and change the settings as to where to publish, you will have to exit the program and launch it again to get the new settings to take effect. Nvu apparently is sure that you want to keep publishing to the same place, even if it didn’t work, during a session.

So, the problem isn’t with your settings, it’s with the short comings of the progrm. Nvu is a nice WYSIWYG, but as a ftp client it has some serious issues. What I would sigguest is that you download an FTP client to publish your files. Read this K-base Article for some basics about FTP and some sigguested programs. If you’re running windows XP, be sure and read the top most user comment on that page.

The way this will work is that you use Nvu to create all of your files, and you save them on your computer. Then you open up your FTP client and use it to publish your site. You could of course use the Ftp program to only for creating your directories and then use Nvu to publish them - but that seems like more hassle to me.

As far as the seconed error that you posted about, I’m not sure where you’re getting this ‘userid’. I would sigguest that you click “edit sites” on the left hand side of your screen. Select the site, then fill in the fields. Make sure that the publishing url is Then close that box, save any open files, exit the program, relaunch, and then try again. (note, however, that the example url will publish to your main site area - you’d go to to see the files in a browser and it still won’t create that sub-directory for you :wink: )