Public index?

So i’m putting files into the directory that comes up when i log in…



When I go to my homepage (www.****.com), the default, empty index shows.

What folder do I have to create to make files appear publically on www.****.com?

when you log in, you should see a folder called You should put the files inside this folder. People often see an empty index because they put files outside that folder.

For your case, you only see Maildir and Logs folder. I think you haven’t registered any domain yet. After you register a domain and add the domain to your account via DH panel --> Domain --> Manage Domain --> Add Domain / Sub-Domain You should see folder.

To upload files, you can use your own FTP client program or via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> WebFTP / FTP

Note that WebFTP directly goes inside folder but FTP goes to your home folder.

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That directory is not web accessible, and it is in that directory that directories for your websites are put.

You should put them in whichever directory was assigned to be the “home” directory for “" when you added ".com” as a fully hosted domain in the control panel.

By default, it is usually called “****.com”, and is is inside, or “under”, the directory you are dropped into when you connect via FTP.

From your post, since you do not indicated that such a directory is in the directory you find yourself in upon logging on, I suspect you may not have added the domain via the control panel …except that you are able to get an empty directory listing when you browse to the domain.

This is confusing, and makes me think that either the directory for the website is in the “user home” directory and you just didn’t mention it, or that the domain is currently hosted somewhere else. We could sort that out a lot easier if you would share the domain you are talking about.

I can’t figure out why so many people ask for help with their domain configurations without indicating the domain they are having trouble with. It makes it really hard to try to “guess” what they may have done, when if they would just provide the url we could easily check where the domain is hosted, check DNS status, and have other clues to help us figure out what they have done.

At any rate, if you go to the Control Panel ->Domains -> Manage Domains and click the “Edit” link under “Web Hosting” for “****.com”, you can confirm, or change, what directory is to be used to serve files for that domain. This should have been created when you “Added” the domain to the Control Panel for hosting, but if it wasn’t, or it has been deleted, you can just create it again by “saving” the edited domain or just creating the directory manually.

If “****.com” is not listed there, then you need to “Add a Domain” so that hosting, and a home directory, as you set it during the “add a domain” process is established for that domain and the appropriate directory is created in you “user” directory (which is where you are placed upon logging in with FTP).


Oops! Patricktan typed faster, and said the same thing only quicker! “What he said…” :slight_smile:

Or, he has registered it, but never added the hosting.

Many people don’t realize that registration and hosting are two separate things. :wink: .


:stuck_out_tongue: Your comments give much more information. I’m sure the OP should be clear what to do by now.

Good catch. It is possible that the OP registered but forgot to add the registered domain via the panel. Now I know the difference of registered domain and hosted domain.

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