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I’m in the process of transferring several sites from my former host to the Dreamhost servers. So far, all is going well save for one minor inconvenience.

As I’ve multiple domains hosted, the folders on the server are divided up according to domain - there is no “public_html” folder. This is fine, but as one of the sites uses Movable Type, it would save me significant amounts of time were I able copy over the entire folder rather than having to reconfigure everything.

So: Is there a way for me to create a public_html directory for one of my domains such that the index file will resolve?

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  • Dave

Yes, it is possible to specify a different directory to use for the DocumentRoot. The DH panel will label it “Web Directory”

When adding a fully-hosted domain, after choosing the serve you are adding it to, you get a form page with these options:

[quote]Fully Hosted Domain.

Web Directory: /home/username/domain/
Logs Directory: /home/username/logs/domain/
[ ] Run PHP as CGI? (highly recommended)
All CGI should run as user: username[/quote]
Where username is a selection box, and domain where you can type in a different directory name or path to use as DocumentRoot.

So basically you just replace ‘domain’ with ‘public_html’ in the appriopate field above, and you get
/home/username/public_html instead of /home/username/domain

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