PsychoStats Installation

I need to run a perl script using SSH Shell access in PuTTy to so I can update statistics from my CS:S Server. I login and run ./ but I get this error.

[quote]PsychoStats failed initialization!
The following modules need to be upgraded to the version shown below
DBD::mysql v3.0008 or newer (currently installed: 2.9006)

You can install the modules listed using either CPAN or if your distro
supports it by installing a binary package with your package manager like
’yum’ (fedora / redhat), ‘apt-get’ or ‘aptitude’ (debian).


Any idea how I would go about getting this to work? It says something about the wrong version and I’m not sure what to do now. I’m not a master of linux or anything so I am pretty stuck until someone knows what I can do.


  • Dave