Pspell problem to customize php

i follo the step of
to install pspel but when i customize php version
appear errors
i contact dreamhost support but say me

Unfortunately, we can’t provide support for these custom PHP installs
because it goes beyond the scope of our support. This custom PHP install
is a created workaround by customers, not dreamhost.

You can ask our customers for support with this by going to our
discussion board here:

what is really mi pspell install directoy is where uncompress the

[quote]aspell-0.60.3.tar.gz file folder called aspell-0.60.3 or installed in other

folder? because always apear error --with-pspell: command not found in my

script to customize php.i use

–with-pspell aspell-0.60.3 is riht tjhe sintaxis? or is --with-pspell=

aspell-0.60.3 or other? and how i know what is the real path of install


aspell-0.60.3 in my /usr/bin is a fille called