PS over shared ¿how much?


Hello. I´ll try to keep it simple. I already have the shared dreamhost plan. I want to know how much will improve my site speed if i upgrade to P.S. 850 mhz and mb.

If anyone here can answer or inform me abou i´ll really apreciate because my site is needing more speed.


This is pretty complicated as it depends on the web application you’re running, your traffic, and how much tweaking you want to do.

For instance, if you’re running a MediaWiki and want to memcache, you’re going to see some pretty nice performance improvements but are going to have to buy more dedicated memory for a given level of traffic.

So what’s your site and traffic?

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I’m not sure whether my thing is right or not.

In my mind, PS(VPS) works like a bridge from shared to dedicated. If your site is too slow in shared, try PS. If it is slow in PS, try dedicated.

Is that right?

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Who have tried PS already ? How is the reliability of the service so far ?


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Hello Lensman. My site is a medical community using joomla with AEC, community builder, fireboard, groupjive and some others.

On the shared dreamhost server this site looks great, is almost all the time up, but is slow. I mean, SLOW, to login, use the aps, etc. Check the site and tell me… I´m thinking about moving it to a faster host or to start using the dreamhost P.S.


I don’t know if you sent Lensman a PM with your URL, but can you post it so we can see?

You can start checking the load yourself by logging into your server via SSH and typing ‘uptime’ to see the Load Average. It should be below 5.

DreamHost Support can also check your site to see if PS will help. They’ll check webserver and database server loads and queries and let you know.



Have a question on this thing. If my site running a cron job that do compression for all the site’s files - around 300mb when I do “du -sh” - and in tar.gz format, will it consume big cpu resources ?


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You should really post this question over in a new thread in the General Troubleshooting forum. I like keeping threads on topic!

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I don’t have a URL yet, but it would be good to know.

As important for the OP, though: Set up a couple of test sites - either on subdomains or on subdomains. These test sites should include a few static pages, maybe some media files, and a vanilla wordpress installation (advanced one click install, not the “easy” install). I find it very, very helpful to use the performance of these sorts of sites and pages to be helpful in debugging performance problems and also in reporting problems to Dreamhost support. If you report a problem with a static site and it’s just a static page that takes 30 seconds to come up, they’ll know exactly what the problem is and won’t be distracted with figuring out whether it’s a problem with your coding! :slight_smile:

The same with a vanilla advanced one-click install with the defaults - it’s a known configuration with known performance characteristics for them.

I find that I can report 95% of my support problems through my test sites. It really helps with my response time from support because they can easily pinpoint the problem - though it doesn’t mean they’ll be able to resolve it as my wife is still waiting for a resolution to the problem on her filer.

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