PS Email Issues

I recently upgraded to the Dreamhost PS option.
Ever since, any application running on my site has been unable to send an email.
For example if you forget your password on Wordpress, no email is sent, same with PHPBB3, Gallery, MediaWiki, Drupal, Joomla, everything.

I’ve created a mailer.php file, currently located at which in theory should send a test email to my email address, but the page just hangs for an infinite amount of time.

Any ideas?

First thing I’d try is to go into each Domain’s setting within Panel and hit the Fully Host This Domain Now! button in attempt to refresh everything possible serverside.

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Yup, I did do that earlier in the week, didn’t seem to have any effect.

Will have another go. Just to make sure.

I’d recommend contacting support. They may be able to help you a bit quicker than a response here, since we can’t actually see your account.

Good Luck

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Tried that too, yet to recieve a reply.

So clicked the close account option. I read several reviews from people who ‘upgraded’ to PS, and had nothing but trouble.

Thanks for all your responses 300% more than I got from Dreamhost. And your not getting paid!