Proxy wont allow connect

hey, i’m currently overseas and trying to connect through a proxy. their suggestion is this:

Files transfer to and from Monash servers such as SNG, Linux Monash ftp etc while on campus will seem like a direct connection, using standard ftp clients such as ws-ftp and cute-ftp, or ftp via the command line. However, transferring files outside of the Monash domain does require authentication. Unfortunately many of the standard ftp clients are unable to do this however ftp will be possible to external sites using Netscape’s graphical ftp interface.

Netscape can be used as an FTP interface to connect in an identified (i.e. non-anonymous) way to an external server. Simply type the FTP address in the location window in the format: ftp://username@host where username is your username on that host eg: You will then be prompted for your password on that host. Once you connect you will either see your home directory for the host or the top-level of the directory hierarchy for the host (depending on the configuration of the host system). Navigate to the directory you want.

and thats it. i’ve tried cuteftp, netscape, dreamweaver, fetch… and cant connect any of those ways. if you have any suggestions i’d find it great help. oh, not to mention i’m on a mac and the ITS people here won’t help with that (go figure).