Proxy mail server / relay

Please help :

I have the following mail addresses hosted on different mail servers:

I can access all the above emails as PoP3 or IMAP.

I have my own domain as

I use four different devices as MacBook (MAC Mail client), iPad (inbuilt mail client), Android Phone (inbuilt mail client) and Windows Desktop (using Outlook). All the devices will be set to access my mail server using IMAP.

I would want my mail server, setup as with a mail id as I want my mail server to access all the external mail ids (given four ids above) using PoP3 protocol, without leaving any copy on the respective external mail servers. Retrieve and store the mails from external mail servers into my inbox folder of Until this part, I don’t see a challenge, since most of the mail servers have option to access external mail ids.

Following is the challenging part I am seeing:

When I send email from any of my mail client, I would want the mail to go out through respective SMTP mail server or go through, but the recipient must see respective mail id as sender ID and not of Must achieve the following:

  1. I dont want the outgoing mails to get stored on the respective mail server’s sent folder.
  2. I want all the outgoing mails from respective IDs to only go and store on sent folder in my mail box,

Please note that, I don’t have access to respective SPF records settings of other domains like gmail, yahoo, etc, for entering as the authorised outgoing mail server for those domains. I have complete control on mail server.

Lemme know as how the same can be achieved.