Providing ftp and database access

I am hiring a contractor to upgrade my ZenCart application on 2 of my websites.
I think that I was able to give him ftp access to the sites – perhaps my whole domain if I did it wrong.
But, now he is saying that he does not have access to my databases for the websites.
How do I give him access to both the 2 URLs and their supporting databases?

Additional help needed. Developer needs access to cpanel. Is this my

Dreamhost uses a custom panel and not cPanel which is a specific brand of panel. Yes is the equivalent to your developers request.

It’s possible to create restricted access to without giving the 3rd party complete access.

I’m sorry but I can’t find where I can give restricted access to
I am looking at User Privileges but can’t see anything that refers to panel restrictions.

Click the “Grant Priveldges to New person” button, Supply their email address then Scroll down to “Databases:” Check the databases you want to give them access to, and save.

Now they can use their email address to log into If the user has a dreamhost account of their own (with password already set), then they will have access to whatever you have given them access to when they log into their account. If on the other hand there is no dreamhost account linked to that email, they can use password reset for to create a password. Once that’s done they will be able to log into using their email address and password and when they do they will get access to only the parts of the panel you have given access to.

Hey guys, the info about using “Grant Privileges to New person” is wrong. This does not give sufficient ftp and database access to a wordpress consultant.

I just hired a wordpress consultant to fix a problem with The consultant told me he could not get FTP access through the Dreamhost panel.

I then contacted DH support, and they said:
[]you can only have one FTP user per domain
]Grant Privileges is mainly for accessing and doing things within the panel
[*]WP admin access is thru wordpress, not via the panel

So I ended up giving the consultant my ftp and WPAdmin logins. I will then have to change the passwords after he is done.

-mj lee