Provide email configuration info right next to the email account info

tl;dr: Finding connection info for my email accounts is way too many steps.

If I go to my DH control panel’s Manage Email section (found at, it would be great if on the line with each email account, it also had a button or link I could click which would immediately reveal (in a popup, slideout, whatever—without leaving the page, is the point) the configuration info for that account: server name, port, connection security, etc.

Currently, the page does not provide any of this information, nor does it link to it. I assumed I was just missing it at first, so I looked through all the other CP pages under Mail. No dice. Then I went to the knowlege base, found the email section, found the “Email client configuration overview” page, and scrolled down to the “Locate your mail servername” section. I read through it, only to find that the server info is on another page entirely: the “Data Centers” page in my control panel.

Okay, fine, this will surely have all the info. So I scrolled down through that page until I found the “Mail Service” section, under which it lists my domains… except not exactly. Instead, it says that my domain is on something called “homemail-sub0”. Then I have to go BACK to the overview page, and look up that name in ANOTHER table which, finally, actually tells me the server name to use (, as it turns out).

But wait! There’s more! To find the port and connection security settings, I have to go to YET ANOTHER PAGE, “Email client protocols and port numbers.” Finally, I have all the info I actually need. It only took visiting half a dozen lengthy web pages that each contain a bunch of info that I don’t need.

By comparison, in every version of CPanel I’ve ever used (going back more than ten years), each email address has a “Mail client configuration” link right next to it. You click that, and the next page shows you all the server, port, and other config options you need. Voila.

I understand it might not be trivial to make everyone’s panel automatically show the right server names (although that really ought to be possible), but why doesn’t it at least link directly to the email configuration article? Or at least the email category in the KB?

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A good point; I committed the details to memory years ago because I had the same problem which is probably why more people haven’t complained about it. It is complex.

It would also be nice if DH automatically enabled Let’s Encrypt for the mail subdomains so people could use TLS without self-signed cert warnings (or in some cases, client failure to connect).

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