I was wondering how I can protect the files and folders in my FTP. I dont want everyone to be able to get to them, through a web browser… thx.

Just don’t place them in the directory that is accessible from the web. Place them in ~ (your home directory).

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Or you can can use htaccess (panel > Goodies > Htaccess and webdav) That will password protect the directory.


Thx guys!

You can CHMOD some files if you want :slight_smile:

Just set them to 773!

How would I set this? I use an OLD version of ftp :

I was also wondering… is there a way to password protect folders and protect linking to files, but still have the “index.html” as public view? I am new to FTPing as you can see, I have never really gotten into trying to protect my files.


Hmm…I was wondering about the same thing! (I posted about this not too long ago!)

From my previous experience, you can’t have people viewing your index page once your protect your whole domain directory…

I hope someone answers this! i am in need of an answer too.

As for the CHMOD, I am using CuteFTP but the process should be similar. Just right click on the folder and click
’Properties/CHMOD’ and set your permissions to 773 :slight_smile: