Protecting data from copy/paste

not sure if this is the place to post this, but any help is appreciated…

I run a database driven site and my data is my most valuable asset. I am concerned that others can easily steal my data by some simple (either manual or automatic) copy/paste operations on my query result tables. Does anyone have experience dealing with this issue? My data is basically textual, which will be displayed in html tables.



If you make it available to someone, they can copy it.

You might be able to annoy people with Javascript or something, but it will have the same chance of stopping someone from copying it as the copyright notice at the bottom of the page. :wink:

You could make it harder for someone by only allowing specific data to be viewed. Example:

If you had a part number/price list with a million lines in it, don’t display it all like this:

Part Number 0001 - $5
Part Number 0002 - $9

Instead, return a single price for a specific part number that’s requested.

In the end though, people will get what they want, so don’t inconvenience 100 good users/customers just to annoy 2 or 3 idiots.

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