I’ve relocated between servers several times over the past 10 years and I’m usually very patient with the process…

But this seems a little weird to me-

My domains have propogated to the new servers, but the subdomains have not. As a result, I am unable to get mail (uses a ‘mail’ subdomain) or point to any of the subdomains.

I can deal pretty easily with the domains being a little out of whack, but none of my mail is getting to me now. Despite a ping of the mail server ( returning the dreamhost DNS server name, I get username/password rejections when I attempt to check mail.

Any suggestions?



If you’re able to ping that I don’t think it’s a DNS issue. Is this a new set up with dreamhost, or an existing site that has become broken?



New setup… started yesterday.

I’m really confused as to how I can get Dreamhost’s server responding to a ping on the domain, but the old server on a subdomain…

For that matter, pinging my domain (without the ‘www’ prefix) returns a response from Dreamhost, while pinging it with the ‘www’ prefix returns a response from the old hosting provider.

As mentioned earlier, I’m not all that picky about how fast my domains propogate to the new server – I just want them to do so as complete domains. This is just plain weird…


Well, there may be a couple of issues at play here. first off, as you probably know it may take up to 72 hours for domains to fully propiagte - and I’d wait that long to see if things straiten them selves out.

Dreamhost has also been having some DNS issues, and they are working on upgrading to new software. It could be that for some reason their dns servers arn’t answering for all of your sites.

If you can access though, you should be able to get E-mail working. Check out the wik on getting things set up - and be sure to notice the part about using m12345678 log in names.



I completely understand – I don’t mind waiting 72 hours… I just want my domains to either be on the old or new server. For example, was on DH’s server, but was still pointing to the old one, so there was no way to get mail, either by client or web interface.

I can understand some domains taking longer or shorter amounts of time than others, but when a domain makes it but a subdomain doesn’t, it weirds me out.


Oddly, toggling whether the server should add/drop the ‘www’ prefix seems to nudge that particular domain over… I just did the same with the rest of them, which all seem to be finding their way now.