Proper URL for installing one-click

I’m new to all of this and I’m having trouble with an acceptable url for installing a cms. Any help would be greatly appreciated! then pick “goodies” on the left, then “one click installs”.

or here’s a link to the page you want to be on

It’s not liking any of the url’s that I enter, I’m trying to figure out what I need to plug in . . . I’ve tried a lot of different things. I’m wondering if my site is set properly or if I simply am not entering the right url sequence.

If your saying that you are trying to install a specific one click install and it isn’t liking something that you are typing perhaps you need to be more specific about what is not being accepted where.

For example, the Wordpress one click install there is only one box that accepts free form input. You must select a domain that you have already added under “manage domains” for the first part of the URL, and for the part after the / you can specify with free form input.

If you are still having issues please be specific about which one click you are trying to install, and specifically what you are typing in what box that “it’s not liking”.

If you are getting past that point, but not able to click a link in the email you are receiving, that’s a different issue, you are waiting for DNS propagation to occur, that can take anywhere from a few minutes to 72 hours with the avg wait normally being about 4 hours.

I’m torn between joomla and WordPress, but I’ve never been trying to install joomla. I’ve typed with many other combinations behind it, I always get either “please select a url” or something about containing a bad char, I don’t know what that is, but I’m very frustrated. I know this is basic for most folks but I’m stuck nonetheless so I’m asking for help.

What are you typing in the space to the right of the / after the domain name? (which by the way you can leave that spot blank if you simply want to install the CMS at the top level of your domain.

So as an example if you select in the dropdown and leave the space to the right blank then visiting alone is all thats needed. If you want to use (or something else as the URL) then you would type “blog” (without the quotes) into that box to the right of the /

Hope that helps.

The drop down has “---------------”, I’ve typed all sorts of combinations and nothing works.

When you go to “manage domains” in the panel is your domain showing there? and does the web hosting column say “fully hosted”?

If not, then add it and go back to the one click installer.

The web hosting column says “parked”

You need to change that to “fully hosted”.

I’ll give it a go.
Wow, that did the trick, thank you so much!