Promotional Code Question

I am looking to sign up for Dream Host. I entered a promo code and got the price knocked down half when I signed up for a 1 year subscription. My question is after that one year will it bump the price up to the normal price? Or will I continue to pay the discounted price?? Thanks


Promo codes are only for the first year. You’ll just need to refer more people to get the price back down :slight_smile:

Yep, it is for new customers only. You will need to pay full amount for renewal. Don’t forget that you will get a credit which can be used to renew your domain for free when you renew your account. That is how free lifetime domain works here.

I’m signing up with DreamHost, please tell me where to obtain the promotion code.

Thank you!

You can get promo codes from almost any DreamHost customer (just take a look at the post signatures around here :slight_smile: ). Different promo codes do different things. Some promo codes offer plan discounts (A hosting plan that was signed up using a promo plan will automatically renew at regular price unless you set the account to not Auto Renew), other promo codes offer lifetime benefits, or a combination of both. You can only use one promo code during sign up. Promo codes are usable for new sign ups only. Not all codes offer equal value, especially depending on the situation of the new customer, so choose wisely. For more details on promo codes, see:

I should note that I have a link to my review of DH and my promo code in my signature.