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i wanted to finance myself with the ´affiliate program´ but I´m stuck with this question about the promotional codes.
like for example when i add a feature such as 10% extra bandwidth it costs $9 of the rewards,
but the hosting is only $6/month (rounded) which I´d get a few % from,
doesn´t this make loss than instead of profit to me?

I´m sorry for typing mistakes (if any), english isn´t my main language

thank you,


The “cost” of each of the features you provide in your promo codes comes out of your $97 affiliate payment. For example, if you provide a promo code that only gives 10% extra bandwith, that’s $97 - $9 = $89 left for the affiliate payment to you. If you provide a promo codes that gives 100% extra bandwidth, that’s $97 - $90 = $7 leftover for you.

The other thing to remember is that when your referral uses a promo code, your choice of a fixed $97 affiliate payment vs. 10% of revenue for life is overridden and you’re “forced” into getting the $97 (minus whatever the “cost” is of the extra features in your promo code).

BTW, I think this topic is more applicable over in “General Troubleshooting” or one of the other forums. It doesn’t really fit within the stated purpose of this forum. :slight_smile:

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how about if i choose for the getting 10% of whatever my referral pays and 5% of whatever my referrals referrals pay?


I’m not sure what you’re asking. In my original response, I said:

When your referral signs up with a promo code, you don’t get 10%, you get $97 minus the feature discounts and cash discounts that your promo code provides.

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I´d swear i saw at dreamhost there whas a choice between that but nvm that :slight_smile:
I´ve got 1 more question
what is the promo codes discounts? (see below)

This promo code’s discounts:
Payment Period Cost Max Discount This Code’s Discount
Monthly $60.90 $50.00 $
Yearly $119.40 $50.00 $
Two years $214.80 $50.00 $
Three years $286.20 $50.00 $
Five years $417.00 $50.00 $
Ten years $714.00 $50.00 $


There is a choice, but that only applies for direct referrals with either your email address or if someone signs up without a promo code via an affiliate link.

Also, though there is some controversy about this, I believe your choice of $5 or 5% still applies to your secondary referrals.

Those are the cash discounts provided by your promo code. So if you offer $50 (the max), that amount is taken right off the top of the amount someone using your promo code pays for their hosting. In other words, if they choose 1 year prepaid, they’d only have to pay $69.40 instead of $119.40.

Note that you can mix and match discounts and extra features. Also note that you can provide different discounts for different prepayment plans, though I think that is fairly confusing and don’t recommend it.

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You can give maximum 97 dollar discount in a promo code. The discount includes cash discount and free features. For example: $50 off (max cash discount) + free domain (worth $15 dollar) + free domain (worth $15 dollar) + free domain (worth $15 dollar) = $95 If anyone signed with this promo code, the person will have $50 discount and 3 free extra domains.

And what do you get from the referral? You will get $97-$95 = $2. Note you won’t get 10% and 5% if it is signed up with a promo code.

If you have another promo code, $50 (max cash discount) + free domain (worth $15 dollar) = $65. If someone signed up with this promo code, you will get $97-$65=$32.

The 10% and 5% applies only for direct referrals. For example, if someone signs up a plan with either your webid or email address as a referral. The person won’t have any discount but you will have 10% of their payment as long as they stay with DH.

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And don’t forget that you will need to wait 97 days before you can cash out your rewards.


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