Promocode valid for renewals?


//Use the promo code 101010 and get $110.10 off any year or longer plan!//

is this promo code valid for renewals ?

if i go for the new offer then i could get 2 years of hosting. if i pay for my renewal i get only 1 year of hosting. what do i do now. i am confused. shall i pay for renewal or sign up as a new customer with dreamhost so that i get 2 year hosting?


no, promocodes are valid only for new customers

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BTW, DreamHost specifically doesn’t want people doing this and has policies in place to discourage it. The main one is that you can’t host a domain that’s been hosted on another DreamHost account if you’ve used a promo code.

People were “taking advantage” and signing up for a new promotional account every year at $22.40.

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You can buy another package with promo code then move your domain to that.

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That is guranteed not to work if “your domain” has ever been hosted by DreamHost! They are “all over” that scam. :wink:



You can’t, because DreamHost’s system won’t allow you to move your domain over to that new account. Which makes perfect sense when you consider how easily they would get ripped off.

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I would hope that anyone trying to do that would have their account immediately terminated for trying to defraud DreamHost.

I think you should remove this from your signature. I’m pretty sure DreamHost will take a very dim view of someone linking to a rival hosting company, especially with an affiliate link, on their customer forum.

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Well, I would hope that they would be lenient in cases where this was an honest mistake, but I do agree that trying to game the system is poor ethics.

DreamHost does allow you to have more than one hosting account, but have two things (that we know of) to discourage rolling promo code acccouts:

  1. The restriction, that others have mentioned here, against moving domains previously hosted here to a promo-coded or referred account.
  2. The verbiage in the Terms of Service prohibiting you from having more than one account.

Item #2 is what would, if enforced, lead to the termination of your account for your violation of the Terms of Service.

I agree, though I wonder about the “dim view” part. DreamHost is upfront, radical, and at times, straight-shooting confrontational with their rivals. I dunno if they’d out-and-out restrict such a signature.

I do agree that it’s biting the hand that feeds you to have such a signature. DreamHost provides this forum for its customers (and anyone else, for that matter, since registration is open to anyone, not just people with an account here). Should one then use it to direct people to a rival? I don’t think so.

I do admit to making specific recommendations to people who have specific needs for either hosting or nameservice management that aren’t satisfied by DreamHost at the current time, but I think of that as being like Santa in Miracle on 42nd Street.

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You cannot do that. Unless you buy another package without promo code.

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