Promo plan leads to disappointment

When I was ready to build a small personal site, I asked a friend about hosting, and he heartily recommended DreamHost. He said since my site would be small and wasn’t intended to generate a lot of traffic, he would host it.

A little later when I was ready to start building a larger site, I followed my friend’s recommendation and started the process of establishing my own DreamHost account. I did not complete the transaction the first time I began it, and for the next few weeks DreamHost ads followed me around the Internet offering promo plans for reduced rates during my first year.

So when I finally completed the transaction, I was happy that the promo plan allowed me to save some money.

However, my happiness turned to disappointment when I discovered that my acceptance of the promo plan prevents me from moving my original domain to my account until I am no longer using a promo rate.

I understand that DreamHost needs to protect itself from people who would game the system. But had there been a warning that I would be unable to move my personal domain to my account, I very well might have paid full fare for the first year.

Perhaps there was some wording to that effect, but I don’t remember if it was there. If it wasn’t, it would be a good idea for DreamHost to include it so it doesn’t lead to other disappointed customers.

Support will deal with that situation on a case by case basis. The problem is if they don’t prevent the action from happening automatically it would create a situation where one could just open a new account every year and get the first year customer promo over again. I’m pretty certain they can make an exception, particularly in a case where he has multiple domains and only one is going to a new account.

Thanks, LakeRat. I’ve entered an issue with Support. (It hadn’t occurred to me to contact them since the messages on the site sound like the transfer would never occur while I’m on a promo plan.)

you’re correct, and most dreamhost policies and procedures don’t have any wiggle room. That one is the exception tho. Without the policy everyone would just roll over into a new account every year to get the first year promo over again. On the other hand, there’s no reason for them to turn away the situation that makes one paying account into two paying accounts.

Many thanks to DreamHost support for their help on this issue.