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I registered a domain with dreamhost last week and i now want to add a hosting plan for this domain, but when i choose add a plan in the control panel there is no where to add a promo code. Will i have to sign up for a new account for the hosting to be able to get a discount using a promo code?


Promo codes are only for new customers purchasing hosting. As an existing customer, you won’t be able to use one unless you sign up again, but that’s completely up to you.

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Thanks for that Jewels.

If i did sign up again would i be able to use the domain i already have with the new hosting account?


Yes you can, you’ll just have to logins, the one for your domain, and the one for your hosting. If your DNS is currently pointed elsewhere, you’ll need to point it to the DH nameservers once you’ve fully hosted the domain in your hosting account.

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The panel does have the ability to merge two accounts, but I believe this will not work if one of the accounts was initially created using a promo-code, at least not until the initial plan period has elapsed.

One other thing, if you are using a credit-card for the purchase, it will need to be a different than the one you used for the domain purchase, otherwise you will experience the dreaded ‘credit-card already in system’ error.


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