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Hello Everyone,

As a potential customer I cannot help but notice all of the promo codes that are available from current customers of Dreamhost. I have read about and understand the financial benefits for both the people advertising the promo codes and the new customer who uses one of them when signing up.

My question is, what information is given by DreamHost to the lucky advertiser when a new customer uses one of their promo codes? Will my friend, or potential new friend ever know it was me that used their promo code?

Or to put the question another way, if I someday put a DreamHost promo code on my new website, what information will I receive from DreamHost about any new customers who sign up using my promo code? Am I likely to recognize old friends in a list of DreamHost’s new customers that I receive? Will I receive a list of their new domain names and/or other information so that I can help them get started or just monitor the success of their website(s)?



The only information you receive with a referral is the username of the new customer, and the total amount of money they spent. No other information is given out. Your level of anonymity will depend on the username you create an account with, I suppose.

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Do you still pick a name when you sign up? I thought that stopped when they started encouraging use of email addresses for logging in.

Just looking through my list, I was under the impression that the user names are now the first 3 letters of the customer’s first & last names (with a number added if it already exists).

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Mine was automatic, 3|3|# - anonymous enough imo.

You can use either username or email to login to your panel.


You can check referral list via DH panel --> Home --> Rewards. You can tell when and who bring in a customer. Here you see new customer’s name as well as the referral’s name with the date they signed up.

I guess so. But you can always log in using your email address. And I prefer email address. It is easier for me to remember.

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Most all my referees are of the FFFLLL# pattern (First, Last, optional counter to make the id unique). Some seem to have some name that the referee selected. I’m not sure how people get id’s that are non-standard.

FWIW to the OP, you definitely don’t get any information about the domains or email addresses hosted by your referee or anything about their unix id or their server name.

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I notice that the user pattern sign up using my promo code has a combination of first name+last name+ some number digit. I think that your friend has to guess from the pattern that it is you who sign up.


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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for the answers to my questions.