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Ok, if I use a promo code, then my bandwidth, and storage will be 2tb and 200gb respectively. I read something that says that if you use a promo code, then the lowing amounts don’t apply to you…is that true? Thanks.

Yes, at least that is what was stated by Josh (a DreamHost Honcho), on the official DreamHost blog, when the reduced quota was announced, so I can only assume that this is still the case.


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the “classic” promo code get you 97usd off

somes other ones give you more bandwidth ore space, but less discount.

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I don’t believe the original poster was referring to the ‘bonus’ bandwidth or space offered by some promo-codes, he was referring to the apparent fact that using any promo-code during sign-up will result in a plan with the ‘old’ space and bandwidth limits, rather than the reduced (and still falling) limits on offer now.


I have managed to find the blog post I mentioned above, see comment #29 for the relevant comment by Josh.

[color=#0000CC]“okay, as of NOW, people who sign up with a promo code get the original disk and bw allotments (200GB/2TB through 500GB/5TB)!”[/color]


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I wonder is this still true now the new promo code types are released with bonus disk and bw?

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Now that is a good question and one that Lensman has asked in another thread. I would suggest keeping on eye on that thread to see if any recent sign-ups post with their experiences.

Of-course, one of us could just ask DreamHost support, but they seem to be pretty busy these days. :wink:


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The same question i asked recently and got the same answer. I trust it.But it would be much better anyone(new) sign up to dreamhost and tell us what exactly happen with him/her. Then we could be 100% sure about the truth.

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When you think about it for a bit, I think you’ll see that it pretty much has to be this way, as a “promo code” is an “offer”, which has certain characteristics.

If they didn’t set a “fixed” bandwidth/space number that they honored with the code, each promo code would have to be “changed” each day by the offerer so the the “advertising” would be truthful. This is avoided by just “fixing” the amount of bandwidth/disk that all promo coded accounts start with; by doing this you can actually advertise your code with accuracy.

I’m actually a little surprised that no one has made a point of that in their promo code, touting the “2tb and 200gb” with $97 off, so that it looks to be a better deal than those who just offer $97 off of the “published” DH offer, which decreases daily. :wink:


I think people are getting excited with the new promo codes. But I feel it is a bit messy. :frowning:

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I agree and I have no doubt that this was a factor when Josh decided to ‘lock’ the base quota provided by promo-codes to the old (pre daily reduction) levels. I believe this decision removed the potential for a lot of confusion and made life a lot easier for affiliates that actively promote DreamHost.

However, there have been some fairly major changes to the panel and promo-code system recently and it is entirely possible that the base quota ‘lock’ that Josh mentioned did not survive the code update(s). There has been at least one case that I can recall of a similar thing happening during panel changes, where promo-code sign-ups were restricted to credit-card payments. Of-course, this was rectified when it was bought to the attention of a DreamHost rep here on the forums.

Now, having said this, I have seen no posts in the forum where customers have complained of not receiving the quota that they were promised, so I suspect that the quota ‘lock’ did survive the updates and still stands.


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It is pretty near impossible to manage. That’s why instead of blasting the world with promo codes of all variations I just stuck to the basic 97$ and if someone wants something tailored to their needs, I’ll be glad to wire one up!

(This sales pitch thing is getting awful ugly. I promise to stop - the sig is almost oppressive).

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Yep. If he didn’t do this, DH, and possibly the offerer of the code, could be in bad position when someone relied on a published code expecting quota “A”, only to find that the deal had changed since the code was published. :wink:

It’s is always possible the Panel changed could have borked something, though I suspect it probably didn’t impact the underlying cgi/perl code much at all… hopefully they have checked it out.

Like you, I have not encountered anyone claiming they got less quota than they bargained for when they signed up, and I have seen several that were “surprised” that they got the “old” (non-decreasing) quota. :slight_smile: .

I view that whole thing as a bit of a tempest in a teapot anyway; by the time anyone is likely to have used their initial quota, they will have likely grown it to above the “old” initial limits anyway, :wink:


Everyone saying about only L1, what about L2,L3 and L4…? How much will on these plans’ disk space and bandwidth while using promo code?

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L3 is 400G and 4T - I don’t know anyone that has ever signed up for an L2 since L3 is currently the same price.

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Assuming promo-code sign-ups have indeed been ‘locked’ to pre-reduction levels, the space and bandwidth you can expect on the different plan types is as follows…
Level 1 = 200GB / 2TB (increases by 1GB & 16GB weekly)
Level 2 = 300GB / 3TB (increases by 1.5GB & 24GB weekly)
Level 3 = 400GB / 4TB (increases by 2GB & 32GB weekly)
Level 4 = 500GB / 5TB (increase by 2.5GB & 40GB weekly)
By the way, have you signed-up yet? :wink:


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He mentioned in other post. He will sign up on august.

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Hey guys,

I am also a new customer, and just about to be signed up. Although signing up shouldn’t take time, because of not having a credit card I have to wait around a week to sign up.

I have sent some fund to my Paypal account and will pay for the account once the funds have acquired by paypal.

To sign up I used the $97 discount option with 2 years subcription on T1, an I am already able to sign into the panel and also the account has been approved. Now just waiting for the paypal transaction to be finished in order to access all the features I expected.

I will repost here in order to make doubts clear, once I can see the features in my panal.

Cool, thanks for that Harvey, many here will really appreciate knowing exactly what quota you receive under your new account.

You might also want to post the information to this thread, as Lensman has been waiting patiently for just such a reply. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, welcome to DreamHost. :slight_smile:


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welcome to DH!

It takes some time to get everything set up in DH. But once it is done, COOL!, time to enjoy the super space and bandwidth. :wink:

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Mark, you’re my hero!

Harvey, welcome to DreamHost!

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