Promo Codes

I’ll be perfectly honest. I’ve been looking at Dreamhost for a long time now, wanting to get it, but the price has been a deterant. I’m only 17 and am trying to run a fair-sized comunity site off of some pretty cheap hosting. The result is that the hosting is pretty slow and is down quite a bit.

I need something reliable and Dreamhost seems to fit the bill.

I only just recently heard about Promo Codes and was wondering if there were any that would bring the price down considerably, or preferably one that would be effective over long-term…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately, you can only use a promo code for your initial purchase. Subsequent renewals of your hosting will be full price. In my opinion, even at full price, the plans are still good value.

Having said that, it is really not that hard to refer one or two of your friends to DreamHost and this can reduce your hosting costs considerably.


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You may be able to get up to $97 off if you are lucky, but the most popular ones you see should be $50 off. And yes, they are not for good, but then you probably could earn enough to cover your next year once you’re in. FYI: I have NOT been paying anything in the last 18 months, and I am not even working half hard on this promo code thing. :wink:

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[quote]it is really not that hard to refer one or two of your friends to DreamHost


I agree. With the DH rewards system, it’s not even that hard to get enough referral payments to even cover your own hosting costs, plus some money left over that goes into your personal bank account. I don’t know how the business model for DH works, but as long as I get money out of it, I’m not going to stop and I can only recommend others to do the same. As you say you have an active community, it shouldn’t be hard for you to get enough publicity (= referral payments) to cover your hosting costs.