Promo Codes-Do they keep going?

Hi there,

I’m really interested in this host. At first it looked OK for the money then I saw you can get a $97 dollar discount (which brings the cost for two years to about $120 AUD) using promo codes. I’m just wondering, do these count each time you are billed? Like if I signed up for 2 years, after then would I still get $97 off?

Also, is there a CPU time limit on this host (like 30 seconds before your suspended etc.)?


You can use a promo code only the first time you signup.

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Renewals do not use promo codes, so are at regular prices.

There is a process killer, but the limits are not published. Using ‘nice’ seems to help get you more time…

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ok thanks guys.

Ends up being about $244 AUD for two years after that then which is a tad expensive for me, so I might have to look again at Hostmonster (it ends up costing about $182 AUD for two years) or look for something else…

Hmm well I might end up using this place in the end…just not sure…

Just for some extra info. You can’t use promo code to renew your plan. It is only used for new customers to sign up the new plan. If the plan is 119USD, you pay only 22USD with a promo code.

Since we are on a shared server in DH, the heavy process which uses a lot of CPU and memory resource may be killed by DH. This is to protect the other uses on the same server. You may want to refer to this article for more info.

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The $97 discount is only used for new sign-ups and DreamHost blocks Credit Cards and domains which have been used before to prevent existing customers from taking advantage of the discount. You may also consider some of the new promo codes with feature bonus (see below).

You might have read some reviews on the web about the CPU limit of 60 minutes imposed but DreamHost have removed the hard limit since then. DreamHost will only kill your process if your actions affect other users seriously. I rarely exceed 60 minutes per day and even if I do, DreamHost did not kill my process as it might not have affected the other users. Once, my process caused the server load to increase but DreamHost did not kill my process but instead, contact me and assist me to optimise my code. I heard from other customers that if your code can’t be optimised further, they will move you to a server with less customer instead of removing your site due to the removal of CPU limit.

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