Promo codes and their conditions (question)

Hello. I’m interested in getting a plan here for at least a year, but I have a question about these promo codes.

If I used a code which gave me another domain for free, extra IP or what not, are these free for the life of the plan? or would I have to start paying for them after the first year (eg another $10 per domain added to the cost of the next year)?

Also, if I sign up for a year, does the full refund of any cash promo codes apply? or does that require two years in advance?


They are free for the life of the plan
You can ask a refund at anytime within 97 days for all you’ve paid (for 1 and 2 years plan), except domains.

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The add-ons are good for as long as you host here.

I’m not clear on the refund question. If you mean the max discount of $97, that would apply to any yearly plan–no need for two years. Two years will just get you better pricing.

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The 97 day money-back guarantee only applies to the money you pay in. So if you prepay a one year Level 1 plan and pay $22.40, you’d only get $22.40 back. You would not get $119.40 back. :slight_smile:

Also, if you register a domain at signup, the domain registration isn’t refundable so in the above situation, you’d only get $12.45 back.

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Thanks! You both answered my question. Ya I worded the promo code question weird sorry, I wasn’t referring to the money-back guarantee.

I guess when it’s time to renew we can’t re-enter a coupon to have 97$ discount?

Yes… it is for startup only. But you can get additional credits by referral means to pay up your renewal.


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