Promo codes and next payment

I’m about to get a two year crazy domain insane account. I have found a promo code that gives me $97 off.
24 months * $7,95 = $190,8. $190,8 - $97 = $93,8.
When my two years have past, is $93,8 the price i will pay for the next two years too? Or, will I have to pay the price that was available to me without the promo code (eg $190,8)?

promo code works only first time, after that u renew with regular price.

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The promo code discount only applies to your first payment, after that you will need to pay the full price if you want to keep your hosting at Dreamhost.

In my opinion the Dreamhost plans are good value even at the full price and if you refer a friend or two to Dreamhost the rewards payments can go a long way towards paying the plan renewal cost.

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