Promo Codes and Contact Page


I gathered that the promo code has been troublesome with DH. So currently it seems like none of the promo codes work and are returned invalid.

Can someone confirm this?

Also I noticed the ‘contact us’ link brings you to an error page. That would be important to fix I think.

If someone from DH could shine some light on this I would greatly appreciate this as I’m just about to sign up with a plan, but am waiting for the Promo Codes to work again :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


I just sent a msg to support about it. I logged in and all my promo codes disapeared! :confused:

I signed up a couple of weeks ago and from what I have been reading on the forums, this is an area where these “hiccups” happen quite often.

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Same here – plus I just tried to do a test sign-up with the promo code in my sig and it said it was invalid, which it’s not.

I’m guessing that they’re working on something and disable the whole promo code setup while they’re doing it, because I just tried to create a code and that spit out a bunch of errors, too.

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Yeah, me too. I tried to setup another one last nite around 1am est and failed each time. I was wondering if that code was already taken or something like that. I kinda checked ten times to see if I did something wrong, you know? Maybe it was me, 1 am … Zzzzzz… I was sleeping over the keyboard :slight_smile:

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Yep, the promo codes were off-line yet again. :frowning:

This has happened quite a number of times over the last couple of weeks. Given the number of visible changes being made to the sign-up process and WEBID system, I am guessing that quite a bit of work is going on behind the scenes.

Lets hope that DreamHost gets it all sorted soon and we can continue to refer potential customers without the embarrasment of our promo codes being shown as INVALID.

Here is an extract from the latest email I received from DreamHost on the matter;

[color=#0000CC]This has been fixed! We had a temporary problem with the database that handles promo codes not being connected, but it’s now back online.

This should not be a recurring problem; it just had to do with a service that was moved, and not reconnected properly.[/color]


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Fingers crossed that the promo code problems are a thing of the past.

It would not be fair to deprive customers of the huge discounts that promo codes provide :slight_smile:

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