Promo Code

I signed up because of the Promo Code Presidents day was marketing 3.95/monthly subscription by using the promo code president395. I signed up, put my credit card numbers through and not once did it give me the chance to put the promo code in or credit me the above advertised price. Please help

I signed up for it yesterday, and I didn’t have to enter the promo code. If you click on the link from the home page, you don’t have to enter the code.

The price was presented in the drop down where I chose the length of my contract. It was $4.99 a month for a year, and $3.99 a month for two years, which was the President’s Day sale price.

Well crap, I changed the subscription to one year. I wonder if I can change it back and get the promo code…

Contact support via the panel, asap… they are the only people that can help at this point.

Is it normal to get charged 9.95 immediately on your credit card before my free two weeks are up?

Yes it is. That is for the domain registration, they are not part of the trial and can be used here or anywhere else.

You will actually get a credit of 9.95 towards your plan when the trial is over.

Ty Lake Rat

Thanks for your time Lake Rat. I’m going back to godaddy and wordpress. I’ve found their panel is much more user friendly and I can actually call someone for help w/o additional charge.