Promo Code

With referals / promo code. Can we create more than 1 promo code?
If we have created one promo code, can we delete it later?

yes you can create multiple promo code.

You can’t delete it but you can modify/desactivate it.

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What do you get when u give away $97 as promo. No credit of $97 for you. Then how does it work out?

If someone uses your 97$ promo code, you don’t get any credit directly. But you still get $5 every time that person refers someone else.

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You can not actually modify a promo-code after it has been created, the values you set during creation are forever, but yeah you can activate/de-activate promo-codes.


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True but you dont really need to. Just disable that promocode and create a new one with different discount.

ofcourse, you will eventually run out of names for your promocodes :slight_smile:

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