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I signed up to Dreamhost and used the Promo COde, reducing my year’s cost by $100

I got teh reciept through for $10 and everything, but now when i look on my invoice in the CPannel it says i have been charged $119. I haven’t checked my bank yet, but i best not be in for a nasty suprise when I do.

This happenedto anyone else that has used the promo code?

You might want to wait one or two days before taking action. Sometimes, their billing pages in the web panel take a little while to update. I saw the same when I upgraded to a bigger plan – the billing page lagged a day behind. No panic, it fixed itself the next day.

But if it’s not recent, then you should write to billing at dreamhost dot com.

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There was someone on here who had a problem with payment using that same promo code. If you still have a problem, just e-mail support and they’ll fix it.

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It’s perfectly fine; I used the promo code, and it says the same thing. It is just their to recognize the original plan’s pricing. Either that, or an error in display. Either way, it will not charge you that amount.

Can we get our hosting extended whilest still using the code?

Just I’m not sure I want to wake up next Jan and realise that they are going to bill me for $100 or whatever.

The hosting is awesome btw.

The 777 promo has some very specific language in the small print, that includes the fact that the pricing is only for one year of service. At the end of the one year, you will be charged the full plan price if you want to continue.

After a year with Dreamhost, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that the full price is still a bargain.

I second that!

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