Promo code question

If i create a promo code, the person that use my promo code is under me ? Another example, someone click on my banner with my track code and insert another promo code, the person is a my affiliate or of the person of the coupon code ?

I’m not sure if this is what you’re asking, but if they use your promo code or referral link, you would get the secondary referrals if they were to refer someone (or give people their own promo codes).

If you’re asking what happens when they click your referral link, but then enter someone else’s promo code, then the person that created the promo code would get credit.

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Promo codes only work for totally new customers (not for an existing customer adding more services). They never expire (although you can deactivate them). Do not spam with your promo codes, or you will forfeit all your rewards forever!

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