Promo code not working!


Is the Promo Code system down??? I can’t seem to create any promo code at all. And my friend whom I gave the promo code to said it’s giving him invalid code error.



Looks like the server related to promo codes or link to it has crached out yet again, keep trying it should come up again eventually.

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Yep, noticed the same thing here. Perfectly valid promo codes are being rejected by the system and shown as INVALID. Also, the Rewards section of the Web Admin Panel is not showing previously created promo codes.

I think the recent debate over the use of promo codes here in the forum is rapidly becoming academic, for the last few weeks they have rarely been functioning anyway. :frowning:


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Hmmm - is this promo code problem documented anywhere else?

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The problem with promo codes has come before on the forums. If you search around a bit you should be able to find it. Not sure what difference that makes though…



Maybe it was desactivated.
A promo code can be de/activated anytime.

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No, it was not a simple case of deactivation, the system was broken.

I tested my own promo-codes and they were being shown as INVALID. Also, as I said above, for a period of time existing promo codes were not being shown in the rewards section of the Web Panel.

I contacted DreamHost, as I have in the past when the promo system was not working, and they confirmed that the problem existed.

Anyway, the problem does not seem to have re-occured since, lets hope they fixed it for good. Also, the services downtime scheduled for tonight (now actually:) might be related, maybe they are replacing faulty equipment.


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My promo code was also not working on the 4th, but it has been working OK since then.

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