Promo code + currently hosted DH domain

I am giving one of my domains that has been hosted here on DH to a n00b friend.

On the signup page it says that if you use a promo code, you can’t put a domain on that account that has EVER been with DH before.

Anyone tried this?

You can but you have to ask support to do this manually.

This is to prevent people using a promo code each year on a new account.

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Does this mean that when my 2 yr hosting contact is up, that I won’t be able to promocode for discounted continued service? - City Streets

Yes. Dreamhost promo-codes are a “one-time” per user new account only thing, and renewals are at the standard rates (which IMHO are still excellent values).

It’s worth noting that the “obvious” attempt to workaround this by letting an account expire and signing up again is stopped by DH tracking not only the user information for a promo code sign-up, but also the credit card info and the domain. Once a domain has been set-up on DH using a promo code enhanced account, that domain cannot be hosted in another DH account that uses a promo code (even if the user “changes his name” and uses a different credit card). :wink:

In short, they almost give you your first year, or sell you two years at almost half-price, but after that you have to pay the “regular” rate. Of course, if you actively promote your own promo codes, it is quite likely that, over a two year period, another large chunk (if not all) of your hosting fee could be offset by your earned rewards! :wink:


In your humble opinion - is it better to use the percentage code than the one time? For me, it seems that the one time doesn’t appeal to many because they’re seeking that $97 discount that leaves nothing for the promo code owner…

I found the whole portion of the panel pertaining to this rather confusing. - City Streets

[quote]In your humble opinion - is it better to use the percentage code than the one time? For me, it seems that the one time doesn’t appeal to many because they’re seeking that $97 discount that leaves nothing for the promo code owner…
I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. Who is “many”?

New customers who are seeking service will want a promo code that gives the max discount, whether that’s in additional domains, unique IPs or a straight discount.

If your referree signs up using a promo code, you automatically are assigned into the one-time primary referral mode - there’s no choice about it.

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I thought there were two different options for promocode referral - one where you basically have 97 dollars to distribute between you and the new user - the other where you earn a percentage of their total spending as a DH user.

Am I wrong? - City Streets

It can be a little (a lot!) confusing! :wink:

What Lensman accurately observes is that, while you do have the choice of taking a one-time payment of “up to $97.00” for a referral or a %$ of your referees’ total payments, the current trend of new users seeking, and finding, full $97 off promocodes makes it unlikely you would get many (any?) referrals if you opt to only refer them for a % of their spending (because they will receive no discount).

Once you offer a promo code, anyone who uses it is “automagically” converted to the “one-time payment” scheme, even you do elect the “% revenue sharing” reward system as your primary mode of participation.

The present reality is that users passing the entire $97 on to the new customer as a discount are easily found, so offering much less is not likely to result in many referrals (though some do still manage to receive small portions with lesser discounts, from new users that are willing to forgo a few dollars of their own potential discount as a “thank you” to some referrer who has been helpful to them).

Even if you give the full discount, you can still make $5.00 per every secondary referral, and that is from where much of the current rewards payments actually come.



Once again you set the record straight. Thank you so much. I neglected to see the secondary referral schema. - City Streets

No. Although there are two rewards payment options, if someone you refer uses one of your promo codes then that referral is automatically set to one-time payment.

Setting the recurring payment option will only affect the rewards from those that you refer who do not use a promo code, perhaps via a direct referral link.


Edit: Man you guys are fast. :slight_smile:

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I’m running a RSS feed to monitor posting - it speeds replying to almost real-time without having to hunt for new posts.

Thank you both for setting me straight here and about the Unique IP’s. - City Streets