Promo Code: $97 vs $90 discount

Which do you think is more likely to produce a profit? Presuming it’s well advertised.

A $90 promo code on this forum will get you nothing, but you might have some success with it on your own website.

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I never meant to imply I would be sharing the promotion code on these forums.

I was asking which promotion code would be more likely to succeed in gaining reward credit assuming it was well advertised.

If you make a $90 promotion code, you can make $7 if anyone buys an account before doing further research into promotion codes and determining that they can get an even better deal.

If you make a $97 promotion code, you can make $5 if someone you refers successfully refers someone else. However, it’s likely that most of the referred will not make maximum promotion codes themselves and will fail to refer others.

Which has better odds?

For monthly signups, with max discount of $50, IIRC, you get $47 either way?

Do you think more people sign up for monthly or 12 or 24 month pre-paid?

How will you advertise?

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I can’t imagine people would actually pick monthly with a max discount. Doesn’t that essentially do nothing but waive the “set up fee”?

12 month prepaid is surely the most popular choice as it’s the most service for the least money.

As for advertising, I know /a lot/ of people. I am popular across numerous IRC networks, boards, and newsgroups. I can get the word around directly.

It definitely depends on how you plan to advertise. If you mean Adwords, YPN, etc… Your $90 ad would be next to someone else’s $97 or $102 ad.

You can still get full $97 referrals with the standard referral link, even though it’s not as easy as it used to be.

If you’re just putting it on a site or two, then I guess it would depend what kind of traffic you get and what type of site it is.

If it’s a community-type site where others can participate/post, someone would quickly point out that a $90 code isn’t the best one out there.

If it’s a helpful site, you could give people an option, basically giving them the chance to donate $7 to your site if they found it useful. Like my sig… more people have used the $96 one than the $97.

Some will opt to help you out, while others will take the full $97. You might not make anything on the $97, but on the other hand, the guy that takes the $97 could end up referring a ton of people–so it might not be worth it to lose those people by only offering one.

Actually, people still do. Yes, it pretty much just waives the setup fee – but plenty of people have signed up for that plan… and paid the setup fee before there were promo codes.

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