Project Honey Pot - MX Entries

I’m trying to donate an MX entry from one of my subdomains for Basically, I want to forward any mail received on the subdomain to a specific server on their network. The instructions on their site to do this are pretty straight-forward, but I don’t see a way from the web admin panel to do it properly. Any pointers?

web panel > Domains > Manage > “DNS Domain Name [ Edit ]”



I don’t think that works with the Crazy Domain Insane plan because it doesn’t allow custom DNS changes.

But it looks like you can do it under Mail > MX Record. Just make sure the right subdomain is selected under Active Domain, so you don’t affect your normal mail processing. I haven’t tried this myself. (I thought about donating a subdomain myself, but I was too chicken to muck with my MX records.)

I’m on the CDI plan and was able to donate a subdomain’s MX record to them via the Mail > MX Record tab with no problems. I’d never messed around with MX records before and was a little nervous I’d screw something up, but it was really easy.

Ah, wicked. I missed the Mail > MX Record panel before. Thanks very much!