Progress table for domain transfers

My VPS is going fine so far. Only problem I’m having is domain transfers. I put in the URL, the auth, etc and Submit and … [ black hole ]. Sometime the next week? maybe I get a conformation request, maybe not. Still waiting on a couple after 10 days. And the status is… ??? I don’t know if the request took - or not. Is it hung up or what. And it bothers me "Next Available Resubmission Date " What? Why should I have to “resubmit”? Anyhow a table or chart saying/showing what the status of the transfer.


Four prerequisites for domain name transfers:

  1. WHOIS Privacy MUST be disabled.
  2. Domain must be unlocked.
  3. The contact email for the domain owner + technical contact needs to be set to something you regularly check.
  4. You need to obtain the authorization code.

It is crucial that you complete all four steps - if you don’t, your transfer will get hung up somewhere. If you haven’t gotten any emails offering you a link to confirm the transfer you’re trying to initiate, there’s a hangup - most likely because you didn’t complete one of the above steps. Ensure that you do, and resubmit the transfer. You can ignore the “Next Resubmission Date” … just start the transfer over yourself.

I would also add that the email address associated with the domain needs to be able to receive email from Dreamhost. This means that it can not be on AOL nor COMCAST nor any domain that blocks all email from dreamhost’s mail servers.

Not a problem there - email is a DH hosted name. What I have found is that if I attempt to xfer more than 1 domain only the first one goes through. I don’t know if it is a DH problem or the current holder. I can request (say), and and DH wants EPPs for each one and payment for each one - I will get a conformation request for within a short period. However and - nothing - somehow they just drop. If I request and complete then request and complete etc it works fine. Although even then … Submit and wait and wait and…