Profile Page Maker


I run a PC games fansite and would like to start a profile page for mappers (People who make their own maps for the games) to create a profile.

I doubt I would ever have more than a hundred members and it’s really just a way for them to make a profile page that can contain text and images about their work.

I’m not interested in having advertising on the page or creating a “community”, just something simple to set up and easy to use.

I don’t want anything to fancy, just some basics: the ability to upload some images and a few customizable text areas.

I’ve checked and googled but often in these cases you need to know the best search terms.

Can anybody recommend and software or perhaps which keywords to use?

Also will this be a big drain on resources? I’m on shared hosting and don’t want to start a project only to find it causes problems for me and the other sites on the server.


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