Productivity applications for groups?



Hi All, can anyone recommend a collaborative application? Something like g0ogI3s calender/documents/email for groups. Heh, yeah wild guess huh? Well mebbe there’s something out there that’s installable without a crazy price tag. I’ve tried to work out Joomla and plugins (CB etc.) handling it, but hmm… Or maybe some ‘project’ application, I dunno.

Thanks for reading


Why not use Google Apps? They can be set up for your domain via the Panel.



I do like them, I don’t want to completely subscribe to a service like them because quite frankly I don’t trust them. I don’t want to hand a stranger my complete address book and my itinerary or that of my colleagues. I’ve read the terms and conditions carefully and I’m not happy with them, or their collection of statistics, sooner or later this will bite someone on the ass.

For instance, I want to be able to engineer my own backups and my own encryption. It’s just a notion… Cheers.

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