Procmail - still usable for advanced mail filtering on Dreamhost?

Good morning.

I have a need for more advanced email filtering than is offered by the standard spam filter capability in the Dreamhost panel. Specifically, I want to block email originating from a mail server in a certain domain, or IP address block. (The voluntarily-reported sender name is not sufficient to filter a determined sender.)

Is PROCMAILRC still supported for mail filtering on Dreamhost? Is there a current Wiki for it anywhere?


  • Mark

I’ve never played with it but the message filters in panel page generates procmail rules – it doesn’t say thats what it does, but that’s how it is implemented. Customers do not have access to directly edit the procmailrc file for mail users though. It would be cool if you ran some experiments and wrote down your notes as a quick #howto for others to use.

Shell users on web hosting machines can edit their own procmailrc files, for mail sent to that user. More details on this KB article:

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