Procmail question

I just signed up yesterday, and I’m getting the gist of how mail works at DH, but I thought someone might know a workaround for what I’m trying to do.

Currently, on my old host, I can login to my main account in the shell, and use pine to view user inboxes of various domains, as well as what spam got caught in the spam folder. I use procmail and spamassassin there. After I go through the mail and make sure false-positives go back into inboxes and spam that got through goes to the spam folder, I run sa-learn on spam and ham. This all takes about 5 minutes every morning and I’ve got a very well trained spamassassin . The few of us get close to zero spam.

I’m trying to set that up here, but it’s a little confusing. It seems if I want to give a user an email address and filter it through procmail (since I’m not enabling filtering for the domain in the control panel), I have to give them a shell account and set up a .procmailrc separately in each person’s shell. I haven’t tried that yet, but I’m guessing that if I have 3 users, I can’t admin their mail quickly from my main login; I’d have to login to each of their shell accounts and run Spamassassin separately for each. Is that right? Or am I missing something? Thanks.

I found my answer; it took a while, so I’m posting it should anyone else be searching for something similar.

It was really a pine configuration thing. In pine you can create Collections of mail folders or just enable Incoming folders. At my old host, I’m the admin, and I can quickly use my shell login to run through various mailboxes and spam traps on various domains, save various messages into ham and spam folders, and run sa-learn for spamassassin.

But that won’t work at DH. They have it set up so that the owner of a site can’t view mailbox contents or junk contents for various domains and users from the main shell. Unless the owner logs into each user’s shell individually and runs spamassassin that way. Or, you can just enable filtering in the panel, and not get into all the nitty gritty.

I kind of have to. Fortunately, I only have a couple users to set up, so I can probably make it work.